DP : Irrational Fear

Reblogging this effort for the Daily Prompt today. Those who know me know what this fear is all about. Here is the link to the Daily Prompt. Hope you like it.

Half-glimpsed movement,
a dark shadow across the floor.

Unexpected speed,
eyes locked, body frozen.

Heartbeat increased,
ice sliding down the spine.

Instant terror,
brought on by years old fear.

Subdued panic,
fed by logic defying reasons.

Urge to flee,
the necessity of attack.

Weapon selected,
gripped tight in sweaty hand.

Courage gathered,
a shout of defiance loosed.

Breath released,
shuddering body relaxes.

Interloper vanquished,
peace and calm restored.

19 Responses to DP : Irrational Fear

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  7. Oh, this is fun. Like a riddle. I immediately thought ‘rat!’ ‘cos that would be my own worst fear. Then I thought, ‘what are the chances of seeing a rat?’ Cockroaches? Disgusting. No, I think maybe our eight legged friends who move with such speed and instill terror in half of my family. I’m the unofficial catcher and flusher/releaser of same. Maybe not. But it’s a reasonable guess. You described the body’s reaction perfectly. The thought of rats looses such feelings but there would only be flight mode for me. 😉

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  11. Excellent piece, I really liked the rhythm.

  12. Charlie Naseweis says:

    Here’s a spider haiku for you:

    Eight legs quick and fast
    Rolled up newspaper swishes
    Spider guts spill out

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