Reblog : Books In The Stack

I’m afraid it’s another reblog today. I’m really quite tired, and am struggling with inspiration recently, so rather than leave my blog unused and unloved, I thought I’d reblog an old piece of work. This was originally inspired by FortyoneTeen and reading it back, I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t add more verses… maybe I’ll do that soon, but for now I hope you enjoy “Books In The Stack”.

Trawling the stacks
for gem like glint;
what beauty is found
amongst dust and lint.

Jacketed books of
prose never read;
pages in slumber but
not ever dead.

Authors of stories
whose names are now lost;
worlds never visited
seas never crossed.

These books are to history
as hands on a clock;
marking the time
of these places forgot.


2 Responses to Reblog : Books In The Stack

  1. fibee5 says:

    i really love the gentle rhythm here πŸ™‚

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