Proven Wrong

Chasing dreams
through sleeping mire,
faces glimpsed
that scream desire,
wanting burns
from loves sweet fire
but always left behind.

Jealous glares
at hands so held,
lovers eyes
on faces dwelled,
given kiss
if so compelled
but not this life for me.

Given up
to turn away,
lonely life
the day to day,
losing faith
in come what may
the world is shuttered out.

Granted dream
by you, my dear,
precious eyes
remove my fear,
facing life
the future years
with you here by my side.


11 Responses to Proven Wrong

  1. Jules Lucton says:

    Brilliant and beautiful!

  2. Lovely. But sad too. Optimism in life must find a way for all hope and dreams to be realised.

    Hope you donโ€™t mind. It was begging for an answer.

    Losing faith
    In promises,
    All hope gone,
    This so amiss.
    Life may hold
    A tender kiss
    If faith and hope prevail.

    I just can’t help myself, it would seem. Eternal optimist me. :)x

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Beautiful ending.

  4. Chatty Owl says:

    And here you are, being so happy with the way your life turned out.

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