Dark Angel

Sweet angel,
pass me by.
Do not take this troubled life
with hopes not yet fulfilled;
Sweet angel, pass me by.

Dark angel,
pass me by.
Do not draw down the night to me
and leave me not in light;
Dark angel, pass me by.

Black angel,
pass me by.
Do not so grant me sleep eternal
where dreams will visit not;
Black angel, pass me by.


26 Responses to Dark Angel

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Let the angels pass you by. You have so much to offer.

  2. Angels are with you, guarding you and leading you.x

    • Simon says:

      Not quite the angels I had in mind when I wrote this, but thank you for saying something so nice 🙂

      • Nice and true. I believe in all sorts of mystical beings, good and bad. The good will guard you while the bad will tempt you. Makes for an interesting competition. :)x

      • Simon says:

        I think my ‘good’ must be on a long hiatus then! 🙂

      • No. That’s me. 🙂
        Angels come in many guises, some to help and tend.
        Some squeeze your soul and rip it out. A heart needs a helping friend.
        Your friends are here. Your angels too. And some are still in flight.
        They’ll soothe you and caress you till you sleep all through the night. :)x

      • Simon says:

        Good grief, how to put a man’s talent in its place…. What a wonderful comment. That deserves a poem all of its own. You’re an incredible poet, I am in awe. Thank you for gracing this piece with your words.

      • Nae bother! You’re one of my favourites. Both as a poet and who I perceive you to be. I don’t like to see hearts hurting. Take care. And love yourself. You are so worth it. 🙂 x

      • Simon says:

        Love myself? Isn’t that rude?? And on a Sunday?? :O

      • Keep your erotica for the right pages. After that, it’s up to you what you do. Whatever day of the week!x

      • Simon says:

        Yes ma’am 🙂

      • Good. Do as you’re told! 🙂 x

      • Simon says:

        Oh, always… I am a man after all.

      • You don’t mean that. And neither did I. Be happy. That’s not an order. Just a wish. Angels are allowed to give wishes you know. Not many people know that.x

      • Simon says:

        I normally get threats as opposed to wishes… What does that say about MY angels?? 🙂

      • Bastards! I’ll get them for you. Have no fear.
        My sword is sheathed but shall be drawn.
        I’ll slay those bastards before the dawn.
        They die not though, so other battles must ensue.
        Fear not, brave soul, try harder and I’ll try along with you.x

      • Simon says:

        Now you’re just showing off and purposely putting my efforts to shame 🙂

      • Bugger it.
        I’m such a tit.
        I really must desist.
        Can’t have you, oh Simon, getting sorely pissed.
        And anyhow I’d better go
        My family want to dine.
        It’s all still in the freezer
        But,once I cook, it will be fine.
        You know, it’s bugging me
        That I can’t stop,
        I don’t know how it started.
        But off I go, and please forgive and don’t be broken hearted.;) x

      • Simon says:

        How can I compare to such talent? I think I need to retire and take up knitting or something

      • Sorry but I can knit too. Want a jumper?! 🙂 x

      • Simon says:

        *utterly bereft*

  3. Aw, love and hugs. I can’t help it. I’m multi-talented, what can I say?! But, I’m going to lose my good job if I don’t go and make the dinner. And I’ve still got church to go to. And the kids to get organised for school tomorrow and homework to be done and another video to make and then maybe sleep! Catch you later.x

  4. Three done, two to go. Was a bit abrupt before in rushing off. That’s what happens when weans start nipping your lug. They always want to eat. And I can take it or leave it. x

  5. emmaguinnesswriting says:

    Beautiful 🙂

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