In This Breathless Moment

In this breathless moment,
let me pause;
to be this close to
eyes of fired jade,
with the taste of you
on my lips still,
embodies heaven.
But alas, if heaven is here
so sweetly presented,
what reward would await
at the closing of the veil?
Though I do not fear;
no kingdom in gloried splendour,
with all its blessed halls,
could touch the mere sight
of you, with me here, paused
in this breathless moment.


9 Responses to In This Breathless Moment

  1. kwicksand says:

    Your poems make me swoon and lust!

  2. fibee5 says:

    such a romantic poem, thank you it was a joy to read

  3. Very nice indeed! Romantic and erotic, just the right combination.

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