Make Amends

With heavy heart as
bouldered stone
these words are writ
to so atone
for acts transgressed
in foolish pride
which guilty heart
no more can hide.
In trust forsaken
dreams are rent
and wasted time in
life was spent
but hoping words on
pages placed
will aid the pain to
be erased.
Though not for me
forgiven peace
nor kindness shown to
grant relief
for self inflicted
tortured soul
deserves no less than
mis’rys hold.
So for these deeds so
selfish done
there’s nothing more that
can be done
but hope my words will
not offend
and go some way to
make amends.


2 Responses to Make Amends

  1. Cubby says:

    Beautiful Simon. Effortlessly told from beginning to end.

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