A Dream

I very rarely try and explain my words – they either speak for themselves or my inartistic fumbling is unexplainable – but with this one, it’s necessary. I had a dream last night (well, more of a nightmare) and it’s a reoccurring one of planes crashing very close to me. So I decided as last night’s was a particularly clear one I would try and get down something about it. I don’t think I’ve done the dream justice, but make of it what you will. As ever, thank you for reading.

The first blew a hole
in the wall at the back,
a circular smashing
with the house of the
that caused brickwork and
panic to land.

The second (and worst)
with a shuddering scream,
flattened and battered
with earth shattered
the house of my childhood

I screamed like a girl
at the fuel from the wings,
as it spread in a slick
and caused me to think
burning and instant

Rushing around to find
gathered possessions,
beseeching to all that we
have to escape and we have to
get out
before fire ignites and
destroys us.

Utterly terrified
right down to the bone,
this dream reoccurring
of low flying aircraft
so close and causing a nightmare
so real.


19 Responses to A Dream

  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing and terrifying dream – do you have any sense about what it might mean, if anything – does it tend to recur when you feel under threat or stress?

    • Simon says:

      Hi, and thanks for reading & commenting. No, I have no idea what it means, and I’m not a believer in symbolism in dreams. But it IS a scary dream – sometimes, I will see a plan fly overhead getting lower and lower and then it crashes a few houses away. It’s horrible.

  2. Ar Vhee says:

    Got scared while reading this..

    • Simon says:

      Imagine how I felt while actually dreaming it!
      Thank you for reading, and for taking the time to comment.

  3. fibee5 says:

    wow what a horrible dream to have 😦 you captured the terror well in the poem but i hope you don’t have the dream anymore!

  4. Jo says:

    Oddly plane crash dreams have plagued me for years. (as well as cat attack dreams but that is another story) They are about feeling out of control. Things spiraling out of control in your real life that manifests in your subconscious. I have them when I am stressed about work or situations that are outside of anything that I can change. The biggest thing for me in plane crash dreams is the noise and the unknown of where it will land, who will be hurt. Your childhood home being in it is your safe place the reason it is in your dream is because that is a place in your past where you felt safe but right now you don’t have any answers. Thank you, over and out Luv Dr Jo. If you ever have a dream about being attacked by multiple cats and write a poem about it you know where to come lol. PS great interpretation in poem form of that dream. 🙂

    • Simon says:

      Well my own personal opinion about symbolism in dreams is that it’s all hooey, but thank you for sharing 🙂 I’ll book another appointment for next week…

      • Jo says:

        No it isn’t symbolism, it is just your minds way of dealing with stressful situations, and it is a proven fact actually I will have you know Mr! lol

  5. 1jaded1 says:

    Simon, I hope writing about this releases the terror. Very descriptive. J.

    • Simon says:

      It’s only terror when I’m actually in it. Otherwise, it seems almost silly. Thanks for reading though.

  6. fortyoneteen says:

    Weird innit? At times dreams kind of hang on a little, even after you wake. You’ve paid your dues with the nightmare and now, you get three goodies of your choice. Isn’t that how it works? If only we could program the dreams we would like to have…

    • Simon says:

      I completely agree… I know of people who can control their dreams – lucid dreaming – I wish I could do that.

      • fortyoneteen says:

        Oooh, lucid dreaming? I like the sound of that.

      • Simon says:

        Google it. There’s a whole ‘science’ behind it (I say science in speech marks as it’s not a science science) 🙂

      • fortyoneteen says:

        I like not science sciences. Hell I even like science science! But I am not a big fan of almost science. That I can do without! Google I shall… don’t think I have learned anything new today. Oh hell, now it’s tomorrow!!

      • Simon says:

        Let me know what you think when you’ve read up on it 🙂

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