Your Dreaming Mind

A third, and very pleasing, collaboration with the blindingly talented FortyoneTeen. This is another of our poems that came from a ‘throw-away’ comment by one of us (can’t remember who) and the poem flowed very easily from there. FortyoneTeen worries sometimes that her verses aren’t good enough, but as you can see she has an exceptional talent for matching her words and thoughts to the general idea of the poem. I hope you like this one. It’s called “Your Dreaming Mind”.

What worlds and landscapes
would I see,
if granted access
to conjured dreams
behind your slumbering eyes.

To follow you down
shadowed streets,
while warm in bed
your body beats,
untethered now
all freed to clouded skies.

To journey through
this dreaming mind,
what beasts of myth
or stars to find
and landscapes built of
fragile structured lies.

Should I be still amongst
your thoughts,
lay quiet like a breath
now caught,
to reach to touch
the nothingness of sighs.

Dreams are but a
shade away,
a shadow’s breath
from day-to-day,
but in them held are
visions clear and wise.

The more the less of
all undone,
I watch you trip
as visions run,
soon dreams collapse
always the sun must rise.


2 Responses to Your Dreaming Mind

  1. fibee5 says:

    what a great idea and beautiful words 🙂

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