Books In The Stack

Another thanks to FortyoneTeen for the inspiration to this. She told me what ‘stacks’ were in a library in sunny Australia, and this flowed from that. Hope you like it.

Trawling the stacks
for gem like glint;
what beauty is found
amongst dust and lint.

Jacketed books of
prose never read;
pages in slumber but
not ever dead.

Authors of stories
whose names are now lost;
worlds never visited
seas never crossed.

These books are to history
as hands on a clock;
marking the time
of these places forgot.


4 Responses to Books In The Stack

  1. fortyoneteen says:

    Thank you for the nod, but I just blah blah blah…. you turn it into beauty! Oh eloquent one… I adore this poem! Forty.

  2. fibee5 says:

    oh wow i love this poem!!!

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