Dapper With Swagger

Dapper with swagger
he leans on the pole,
boasting of hearts
he so easily stole.

A glint in his eye
and a smirk on his face,
attractive to women
both debauched and chaste.

His smoke roughened voice
and moistening grin,
sets minds unprepared
to nights of hot sin.

His rugged demeanor
and sleep tussled hair,
completes the impression
of devil-may-care.

But devil we mention
and devil he is,
for no son of Adam
entrances like this.

Men lose their lovers
to this wicked gent,
jealousy rages a
desire to rent.

Women succumb to
this temptation sweet,
unable to stop being
swept of their feet.

But promise of love
like smoke in the breeze,
seemingly firm but
vanished with ease.

So dapper with swagger
he leans on his pole,
will yours be a heart
he so easily stole?


5 Responses to Dapper With Swagger

  1. Jo says:

    Dapper with swagger… great line. Reminds me of somebody I know. πŸ™‚

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