Winter And Summer

A second collaboration with the disgustingly talented Fortyoneteen. This was an idea she came up with, as is her wont, and it triggered more flowing words. We have the idea of what this poem is ‘about’, but rather than explain it here, I think it’s better if you all read into it what you wish. Hope you enjoy it. Thank you again to Fortoneteen for the collaboration. All the bits that make you smile are hers, the bits that don’t quite fit are mine.

He scrapes his bitter kiss against her cheek
iced fingers creep under clothes,
poking ribs, regardless.

His breath needles her skin, soon bumped
she waits for numb, slow to come
and huddles against what little heat remains.

The grey of a just rained cloud
overcasts her eyes unready to hide
tiny bites stutter from her sunless smile.

She knows only him, all and mostly him.

Cold shouldered she despairs, for one more gold day.

She breathes her scented kiss across his skin
her presence warming bones,
touching him, thoughtless.

Her heat bathes him, skin glistens,
the taste of sweat, pleasingly wet
with the promise of frictionless movement.

The deep blue of a summer morn’
graces her eyes, open and true
wanton lips swell, in anticipation.

He knows only her, all and mostly her.

Warm bodied he rejoices, in blessed golden day.


10 Responses to Winter And Summer

  1. Enjoyed the description of your collaboration Simon very much – I also left this message on Forty’s blog that is meant for you too:-

    “Well, look at you two – should I be getting jealous? 😉 I’m really glad you two hooked up for another collaborative escapade, much different to the last one, such a beauty to behold. My favourite line is the “poking ribs, regardless.” Also, nice rhyming of summer morn’ and anticipation too. Great sensual juxtaposition of the seasons and of relationships – you both certainly are duet partners to be reckoned with.”

    • Simon says:

      That’s such a nice comments, thank you very much for taking the time to read and for leaving such inspiring words.

      • You’re very welcome Simon – I like your blog very much, you have an interestingly diverse blend of topics and when time eventually permits, I look forward to reading your other written pieces too – they all look like good food for thought!

      • Simon says:

        Thank you, once again 🙂

  2. nina01tbwr says:

    Sometimes, evene I’m left without words to describe how awesome some of your posts are. This is one of those times!

    • Simon says:

      You’re very kind, thank you. This is what happens when I’m lucky enough to collaborate with someone as good as FortyoneTeen 🙂

  3. john says:

    You both deserve kudos!

  4. fibee5 says:

    You both deserve some praise but i’m not sure what is left to say but wow! great collaboration

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