A Thank You From The Author

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful, warm, generous people who have commented with such positivity and encouragement on my blog. As a lot of my regular readers will know, I don’t value my work that much really. Sure, I know I have written one or two that I think “Yes, I like that” but by and large… not so much.
Now, this is not a fishing expedition trying to elicit more kind words and reassurances, it really is just for me to take a moment and thank you ALL, all of you who have told me you like my work. If just one person says they like something I’ve written, it makes me very happy. But to have so many… I am truly humbled. So thank you.

Much love,
Simon 29/05/2013



19 Responses to A Thank You From The Author

  1. Jules Lucton says:

    I think you are what’s known as “gifted”. And that’s not supposed to be a compliment – it’s a statement of something I believe to be true.

    • Simon says:

      Lol – I would say “special” as in, takes a seat on the special bus 🙂

      But thank you Jules 🙂

  2. Cubby says:

    Reowr! Jules Lucton speaks true. It’s pull! Not push! I get the seat behind you. 🙂

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    I love your writing.

    • Simon says:

      Thank you – (again!) – I know it comes across as flippant, but every thank you is heartfelt and it really does mean a lot when ANYONE says that like what I’ve dribbled onto the screen.

  4. Chatty Owl says:

    You deserve every single praise!

  5. twindaddy says:

    I’m glad this is no fishing expedition as you will get no compliments from me. 😉

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