Elusive Words

My third (but hopefully not final) collaborative piece. This was written with the wonderful Fortyoneteen via a back-and-forth email marathon over a few days.  I was lucky enough to be approached by her with the offer of having my poetry dragged up to the level of her art, and she kindly sent me a verse that kicked off a cascade of images.  So, without further ado we worked on this piece before you.  It’s different to the other two I’ve done so far, but no less enjoyable. I hope you like it, and please go and check out her blog. As ever – my bits are the bits that make you cringe, or make your eyes hurt – hers are the bits that make you smile and your imagination buzz.

They find each other
amongst the noise
a softy spoken, quiet voice;
when they do
is when we know
the truth in where they lay, just so.

Endless searching
for precious trove
of jeweled response, so behoved;
open chest of
shining words
that grace the ear, so sweetly heard.

Past lips that bite
at warming sound
from tip of tongue, or deeply bound;
I’ll write you out
from heavy heart
unsure of end, or where to start.

To grace mine eyes
these words displayed
to shatter love, or cause dismay;
create a world
of peace and light
or evil landscape, black as night.

I beg for verse
at finger tips
I close my eyes, and shut my lips;
in calm I sense
before I see
hold breath as waves wash over me.


22 Responses to Elusive Words

  1. Brilliant. What a subtle blend you have both concocted together. The rhyming structure feels really good to, I found myself reading aloud and the colour, shape and texture of the words resonates beautifully. I’m reblogging this right now over at Fortyoneteen’s blog – well done to you both!

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    This is brilliant! Your collaborations are definitely evolving to some awesome standards!

  3. Jo says:

    Lovely collaboration yet again 🙂

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    Beautifully written. Both of you, and I mean both. I’ve trained my brain to read any self beating responses from you as “Thanks, Jaded, I thought it was beautiful, too. She and I did great together.”. Hee!

  5. fortyoneteen says:

    Oh you! It is quite obvious there are no eye hurting, cringe worthy bits to lay claim to! Thank you for the lovely introduction… let’s do it again… soon! Forty

  6. fibee5 says:

    you really shouldn’t put yourself down so much. you both wrote beautifully 🙂

  7. Cubby says:

    That was pretty incredible. I’ve never read a poetic collaboration before (at least, I don’t think I have), and I’m tinkled pink at this being my first introduction to it. I recognized your writing right away…it is Interwoven magnificently with your partner’s. I get the feeling from your replies and others’ comments that you are a little too humble for your own good. Just admit you’re awesome!

    • Simon says:

      Ha! Awesome? Hardly. But thank you for reading it. Collaborations are new to me too, but they are very interesting.

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