Swimming In Darkness

Author’s note : I don’t normally explain my work, but this I think needs it. I know this poem makes me sound as though I am at the brink of something self harming and damaging, but I’m not. These are just the words that came to me. I’m not very happy at the moment, I admit, but this piece of work makes it sound as though I am in far more trouble than I actually am. This is a work of fiction!

To swim in darkness;
an ocean of night,
starless and black,
no hope,
no joy.

What creatures lurk;
hands that grab,
suffocating arms,
to hold,
to drown.

No breaching to light;
accepting this fate,
floating in void,
give up,
give in.

No tears to be shed;
self-chosen isolation,
wedded to this life,
I do,
I do.


5 Responses to Swimming In Darkness

  1. twindaddy says:

    This is sadly beautiful. And I can totally relate.

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