To Her

I’m updating this to be included in Edward Hotspur’s “Romantic Monday” feature. In essence, you write a romantic poem every Monday and share it on his page so that other participants can read your work in addition to sharing their own. If you fancy yourself a poet, as I occasionally do, please join me in participating in this excellent idea

And here’s the link : Romantic Monday

To gaze upon angelic face,
filled with dawns emerging grace.

To watch pure beauty as she sleeps,
jealous moon would surely weep.

Dreaming deep with thoughts of her,
nightmares would not dare occur.

Touching skin in sunlight’s glow,
loves true feeling strongly shows.

Hand held in unconscious thought,
heart already safely caught.

Feeling passion taking hold,
nourishing my tarnished soul.

Love transcribed in history’s page,
passion to outlast an age.

Giving me the strength to stand,
loving me for all I am.

I thank whatever brought you here,
my never ending love, my dear.


15 Responses to To Her

  1. Jo says:


  2. sarahneeve says:

    I agree, beautiful. πŸ™‚

  3. alyssalapid says:

    so, so beautiful. πŸ™‚

  4. The Spideron says:

    Outstanding! Your muse must be a very special woman indeed to have inspired such a well-crafted poem.

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  6. I bet she feels this poem even from a distance…

  7. Very romantic. Lovely.x

  8. Awww this is beautiful…makes me feel so light I am floating…very nice indeed:)

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