Daily Prompt: Use It Or Lose It

Write about anything you’d like, but make sure the post includes this sentence:
“I thought we’d never come back from that one.”


There were three of us that night. We had been meticulous in our planning, and our training had given us the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to achieve our goal. The three gurneys were laid out next to each other, with the monitoring equipment ready to be attached. The cables were long enough for us to be able to help each other get connected before we lay down and prepared. Jason was the first one ready, (as he always was), and so he helped Lisa and I make our own final preparations.
There has been a lot written about the afterlife, and what happens to us when we die. As long term students of various experts in the field, we had found each other via our mutual fascination of society’s interpretation of heaven, hell, even limbo. After a few half-successful experiments, we were ready to go the whole hog, to really try and answer once and for all the big question that has plagued spiritual and religious people for centuries.
We had achieved near-death through a mixture of drugs, meditation and controlled medical procedures, but tonight we all three of us hoped to be able to finally reach ‘the other side’.
As our preparations were completed, and we lay down and began our deep breathing exercises, I could feel the cocktail of drugs we had worked on for weeks begin to seep through my system. A cold, flowing sensation, like tiny rivers of iced water piping though my veins. With my eyes closed, I could picture my body from above and see tiny lines of blue fire covering my body, as though the cold liquid of the medication were lighting up my skin. With the drugs came an enhanced perception of self – each one of my slowing heart beats seemed to rattle the very bones of me. Each delicate movement of my eyes behind my eyelids felt like skin rubbing against sandpaper.
There was no sound save the faint electronic beeping of the monitoring equipment, and our slow steady breathing. I knew that the timings would be carefully monitored by small computer chips in the equipment and after a safe amount of time we would be brought back from our trip beyond the veil.
As my heart beat slowed even further, and my breath became shallower, I knew my companions would also be nearing the cross over point. The long meditation training had given us the will to control the urge to fight against what was happening. The natural instinct to take in a deep, life giving breath, to reawaken the heart and fill the lungs. These things would be no good to someone who wanted to take life’s final journey prematurely.
With a one last, final thump, my heart stopped. I was aware of a complete stillness within my body – something that I had never before experienced, even with our past experiments. My consciousness spoke in the darkness of my mind, telling me, “This is it. This is it. This is it.” I would now see if all the training and preparation would be enough to bring back something worthwhile from this journey into darkness.

We awoke, withing moments of one another, with a gasp.
Some strange sensation made my chest feel funny. It took a few beats of my heart to realize that it was that blood pumping muscle hard at work once again that I felt, as though for the first time. We had done it. We had pushed the boundaries and risked everything, but here we were, lying next to each other on the same gurneys we had begun our journey from. I was in the middle of the three, and as I turned my head one way to look at Jason, and then the other to look as Lisa, I realized they too had experienced something remarkable, and we had so much to talk about. As we lay quietly, contemplating our own inner memories, Lisa spoke quietly into the silence.
“I thought we’d never come back from that one”.


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