River Walk

Sunlight breaking,
framed by pylons
warming riverside plants
and feeding birds.

Cocoa coloured water,
muddied and swirling,
like the chocolate river
of Willy Wonka fame.

Inquisitive dogs,
excited and leash free,
marking new territories
and running amok.

Runners chasing fitness,
pounding the riverside path
breath panting, chest pounding,
lost in their private worlds of effort.

Walking in near silence,
modern world a dream,
no traffic drone
to disturb personal contemplation.

Natures own art,
the flowing water
curving from around the bend,
framed by banks of grass and mud.

If heaven is a journey,
through our most favourite place,
to forever walk along the banks of a river,
would make dying a less fearful thing.


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