What Would You Do?

Updating this entry to include it in the Valentine’s Daily Post challenge: “It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!”
Cupid’s Arrow

If you could give me a gift,
what would it be?
To show me the truth,
the cast iron fact,
of your self declared love for me.

Would you write on the moon,
in letters so bold,
a story of passion,
of hearts given in trust,
a tale that’s never been told?

Would you show me the secret,
of how a star shines?
Would you tell me it’s brightness,
just cannot compare,
to the glow of the light in my eyes?

How far would you travel,
on just your two feet,
to bring me a snowflake,
held soft in your hand,
to prove how I’m just as unique?

What oaths would you swear?
What promises kept?
Would you stay with me here,
protect me from harm,
and kiss away tears that were wept?

I ask this of you,
as it’s you I adore.
And if proof were needed,
of just how I feel,
I’d do all these things and more.


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