Bipolar Love

I’d lasso the moon for you,
and give it as a gift.
I’d go without sunlight,
to taste your sweet kiss.

I’d capture a star,
and place it in your arms,
so the heat from its fire
caused you unending harm.

I’d promise the earth,
and deliver it all.
I’d raise you up high,
and not let you fall.

If I owned all the water,
from third world to first,
I’d withhold it all from you,
so you perished from thirst.

Your smile and your eyes,
to me rule the world.
More precious to me
than diamonds and pearls.

Your words and your bearing,
your looks of disdain,
your brutal dismissals
cause nothing but pain.

I can’t live without you,
I’d die if you asked.
I’d go back in time,
so you could color my past.

I can’t stand to be near you,
and when your presence holds sway,
I’d run to the horizon,
to just get away.

You’re the best thing I know,
like heaven above,
and I’m trapped here with hatred,
in this bipolar love.


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