When It Comes

You’d best be ready,
when it comes;
It’ll sweep you away,
without thought or favour,
and you’ll no longer know,
your own heart or mind.

You can try and stand,
when it comes;
It will break you down,
leave you shattered and shocked,
realizing all convictions,
are as substantial as mist.

You won’t believe it,
when it comes;
All life experience,
leading to that moment,
ill preparation,
for what takes you away.

It will change you,
when it comes;
The knowledge of self,
thought to be inviolate,
disregarded without a thought,
without a regretful look back.

Hold on tight,
when it comes;
For although terrifying,
it can be wonderful,
to be driven mad,
by such sweet intoxication.

Give in to it,
when it comes;
Stand with open mind,
embrace with open heart,
for life is too short,
and regrets too long held.


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