Medical Procedure Chapter 1


It was a noise that brought me to my senses.  A slow dripping sound, obviously made by a tap leaking slowly into a sink.  I didn’t dare open my eyes, for fear of the pain that was no doubt awaiting me, inflicted by my throbbing brain.

My mouth tasted sour, like a night on the drink and then bed without brushing my teeth.  When I ran my tongue around the inside of my mouth, I tasted an undercurrent of copper… had my mouth been bleeding?

I then started to smell the faint scent of bleach, or disinfectant.  And something else, something quite sweet but… off.  Like week old milk left out of the fridge.

I realized that I was laying on my back.  I couldn’t really feel anything from my extremities although my neck and back told me I was lying on a cold, hard surface.

I couldn’t get any proper saliva in my mouth, no matter how much I swallowed, and the constant struggle brought a tickle to the back of my throat which grew into a cough.  My natural instinct was to lean forward as I coughed, doubling up so to expel the maximum amount of air and phlegm, but I couldn’t move.  I felt a tight, leather like strap across my forehead and as the cough made my chest heave I realized that, at least from the neck up, I was restrained.  What the fuck?!  I slowly opened my eyes and the glare from the overhead fluorescent lights bit into my head and made me squint.  As I went to lift my right arm, to shield my eyes from the light, I found to my further surprise that I couldn’t move that either.  Further investigation revealed both my arms, and chest, were bound in a similar way to my head, although I couldn’t really feel my legs or feet.

This was starting to get quite worrying now.  I attempted to clear my throat, in preparation for a shout to try and get someone’s attention, but after another brief cough all I could manage was a husky, “Hello?”.

I cleared my throat and tried again.  “Hello?  Is anybody there?”.  Better, a little louder.  Although the effort had made my head pound just a little harder.

I received no response.  I discovered that I could rotate my head a few degrees off the vertical either way, so I managed to have a closer look at my surroundings.  On my left was a long, metal workbench.  There seemed to tools of some sort on in, with a large tray covered in a dirty, off-white cloth.  There were lumps under the cloth, although I couldn’t make out what they were.

Turning my head the other way, I discovered the source of the noise that had brought me round.  It was a large, deep, old-fashioned sink with one cast iron tap above it.  As I watched, a drip of water formed at the spout and then fell into the sink with a deep ‘gloink’ sound.

“Hello?!” I cried once more, louder again this time.  Still nothing.

I started trying to move my fingers and hands.  Although stiff, I seemed to have full movement in all my fingers, and I slowly made two fists.  I repeated this a couple of times and was gratified to find that the joints in my fingers eased somewhat.

I still couldn’t feel anything from my legs or feet, and combined with the lack of response from anyone nearby, beads of sweat started to form on my forehead underneath the restraining belt that was holding my head in place.


I attempted to calm myself by trying to remember what had happened prior to waking up to a dripping tap.  It was hard to piece anything together – all I could see in my minds eye were a collage of images, mostly blurred, with a soundtrack of a heavy, deep beat, like the heartbeat of a whale, but sped up.  The harder I thought about it, the more some of the images became clearer.

There was a big room… some loud noise which I worked out must have been music.  Yes, that was the ‘thump-thump’ that sound-tracked the pictures in my mind.  I could remember laughter, some shrieking as though a woman were in pain.  No, not pain, I remembered, there was a woman there and her laugh reminded me of the witch from The Wizard Of Oz.

It was a night out!  That was it!  It was Michelle’s birthday, and we had gone out!  Fuck!  That’s right… so how the hell had I ended up here?!  I was getting worked up, thinking too hard, making my head ache and more sweat was running down either side of my head.  I needed to calm myself again.  I took some deep breaths and worked on slowing my breathing.

OK, so now I had a clearer picture – we had all gone out to celebrate Michelle’s birthday and it was at a club somewhere in town.  I started to remember more.  I had needed a piss, so had gone downstairs to the basement, where the toilets and fire escape were.  I remembered standing against the urinal, because someone had drawn a massive cock & balls on the wall in black marker right above it, with the words “if it’s this big, call this number” underneath it.  I then remembered turning to my right, as there was someone stood next to me and I was going to point the graffiti out to him, and then… and then…

A sudden twinge in the left hand side of my neck reminded me.

Something sharp had hit my neck, had made me cry out and slap at the place where the pain was!  I looked at the guy stood next to me, but the light was behind him and I couldn’t see his face clearly.  My legs had started to feel heavy and weird, I started panting and then… nothing.  Then the dripping tap.

Oh. My. God.  Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.  Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck oh shit oh shitshitshit….

Where the hell was I.


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