The Word Of Love

So small a word, so letters few,
Such impact has this term,
A whispered breath can deliver so,
A word the earth to turn.
A symphony in single phrase
An orchestra of sound,
Yet many people small of heart
Just throw this word around.
Some to appease, some to convince,
Some others to astound,
But just a few, with purity,
Know the power of this sound.
It has the strength to reinforce
The will to lift you high,
It gives the weak a weapon hard
A castle in the sky.
But I alone know this in truth,
And swear to Gods above,
I sing and shout this word for you,
The glory, the word of love.


I can no longer bear the thought,
Of you not being there.
With weakened will and strength removed,
The constant image of your face
Has proved too much to bear.

Like breath removed from beating chest,
Enfeebled am I now.
And though I fight to carry on,
The rising sun that greets the day
Such pain does it endow.

My universe has lost a star,
The heavens now bereft.
For where an angel shone for me,
My skies are empty now and gone
With nought but darkness left.

In vain the Gods I so beseech,
Return to me my heart.
But in their wisdom often cruel,
My cries are not responded to
And I am left apart.

And here I stand at life’s end road,
I’ve nothing more to keep.
With calmness now the dark I’ll face,
For without you there is no light
So I’ll lay down to sleep.

Hand-Me-Down Heart

This has been inspired by the Daily Prompt today, which talks about hand-me-downs. Not really in line with the actual theme, but this came from the prompt. Hope you like it.

Born with a fault, a restriction from birth,
No power to stop who I am.
Not able to change,
Or make a new start,
Because of my hand-me-down heart.

Through life in its narrows, and turbulent sea,
I’m tossed like a cork on a wave.
Decisions I make,
Already apart,
Because of my hand-me-down heart.

As older I get, the future is set,
Mistakes in loves race ready made.
I’ll hurt and I’ll sin,
I’ll make it an art,
Because of my hand-me-down heart.

And now as I stand, with a son of my own,
What difference to him can I make.
He must earn such trust,
and love from the start,
So avoiding my hand-me-down heart.


Another one that popped into my head, more or less fully formed and posted here without editing. Not sure if I like it, but my muse seems to have decided to pay me a visit so I’ll keep riding the train of inspiration while it’s here.

Abstract expression of feelings well bought,
Not able to hide the true nature of thought,
Who guessed that the lies would be easy to spot,
When the time of the heroes is quickly forgot.

Paint me a picture of seas far away,
Where interesting people drink to the new day,
And when all the madness has swallowed us whole,
Our minds will be willing to forge a new goal.

The scuttling people who swindle and cheat,
All claiming its skill and they think on their feet,
The lords in their manors who laugh like sick drains,
Not knowing that greed is a bruise on the brain.

They’re not for the taking these images here,
But given with pleasure to overcome fear,
And what of the fools who still dance while they burn,
Why they will be saved if they’re willing to learn.

So drink to the masses of who can’t see the truth,
The half broken oldies, the belligerent youth,
As long as there’s some of us willing to strive,
We’ll cling to the joy and the hope so alive.

Show Me

The wonderfully talented & supportive TwinDaddy responded to my post this morning with “Thank you sir, may I have another?” – and as I often aim to please, I rattled this quick one off for you all. Hope you like it.

Show me those things, that are kept deep within,
Like a treasure so hidden down deep.
Share with me secrets, the truths in your heart,
And allow me the honour to keep.

Where does the time go, rushing away,
Like the moment of love gone too soon?
Where do the stars learn to shine, in the darkness,
Can you show me the back of the moon?

How many angels, can dance on a pin,
And how many can fit in your hand?
What is the colour, of lovers young dream,
As they walk with their feet in the sand?

Where do the memories, faded and grey,
Spend their time when they’re here never more?
What sound does a heart make, painfully sad,
When it shatters and falls to the floor?

How can a love, supposedly sweet,
Be a bitter and hard lesson learned?
And how can a person, all on their own,
Ever heal from a love cruelly spurned?

Show me those things, that are kept deep within,
Like a treasure so hidden down deep.
Share with me secrets, the truths in your heart,
And allow me the honour to keep.


Dear readers…
A little bit of a strange one this. It fell out of me in dribs and drabs over the past couple of days, and I’m not really sure where it came from. Still, another little piece for you all to enjoy / criticise. And as always, thank you so much for reading my work.


Turn thine eyes and shine no more
‘pon this wretched face;
Thy grace and charity so shared
No more by me deserved.

Close thine ears to whispered words
Shared from mouth of mine;
No more should thou art suffer so
Such sorrow unreserved.

Take thy self away from me
So deny me love;
Thy sweet response and countenance
Too painful to observe.

Hold thy self in cold remove
Warm my heart no more;
Thy blessed face angelic so
No longer should be borne.

Hide thy self from yearning gaze
Spilled so from my eyes;
Forbearance now to be my word
And ever should I mourn.

This plea I give in recompense
For sins so visited;
No longer should my life be touched
By heart as pure as yours.

The Cheap Seats

The first line came to me this morning, and it’s been spinning around in my mind all day. I finally managed to tag the rest of this poem onto it. Not my best work, but it’s short at least…

The cheap seats beckon in the theatre of fear,
Come sit with me, watch with me,
Cry rivers of tears.
The plays of the damned are performed on the stage,
With no mercy, no pity,
Such sins of the age.
With breath sorely baited we eye every part,
The lying, the cheating,
The bruising of hearts.
Ovations of agony raising the roof,
The roaring, the screaming,
At self evident truth.
The cheap seats beckon in the theatre of fear,
Come join me, in sadness,
We’ll share bitter tears.


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